Monthly Archives: July 2011

This on momincdaily gave me butterflies. Rainbow beachy hair! Once upon a time, I had pink hair but this is ten times better.


P, E and I went to Parkdale this weekend for yard sales and vintage finds. I picked up this baby at the Chief Salvage yard sale for 15 smackaroos =) and in such good condition too. The inside of the suitcase was what really sold me and I am truly in love. I didn’t want to have to wait for a weekend trip to use it so I used it as a display for my scarves and belts.

Our dear intern Meghan is leaving us tomorrow and so I made her a thank you card to show our appreciation. She always had the cutest outfits on and a personality to match. I remember being an unpaid intern in my uni days, it was hard work juggling that with a paid job and with school. But I guess one has to pay their dues…