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Inspired by Iceland Video from Inspired By Iceland on Vimeo.

This video makes me want to boogie, and possibly go to Iceland, or anywhere for that matter.

This is for you, Pee.


Is it just me, or are there just more birthdays that happen in November? For my dear friend’s birthday, I made her a label that read “A Date for Two for You,” slapped it on a Chinese takeout box, filled it with caramel popcorn (my favourite!) and a gift card to the movies for her and her boyfriend. And yes, I chose a Twilight gift card =) Twilight is my dirty little secret.

And now presents for you! Look at that, it’s not even Christmas yet and I’m in a giving mood already.

Click here to download your very own Happy Birthday: beautiful, here’s a date for two for you labels.

With Christmas just around the corner, it’s so easy to get caught up with the sales, presents and food. It’s so easy to forget that there are so many that are living in poverty and cannot afford a fraction of the luxuries we have. I love the posters for Oxfam‘s Christmas Giving Campaign this year. For the holidays this year, you can buy a school meal for a child, a healthy herd for a family or stock a cereal bank.


This week’s wear away post was a little late, but better late than never right?

And here are some links to peruse on your lazy sunday afternoon

It’s almost the new years and it calls for new calendars! I want this one

Vogue is still my all time favourite fashion magazine, I’m dying over these covers

This just furthers my conviction that I need to dye my stockings

And dear santa, can you get me some of this for christmas? I promise I’ve been good.

If I had to cook Christmas dinner this year, I would want my table to look like this. Can you tell I’m still obsessed with gold and mint?

1. I would make gold circle garlands and hang them over top of the table, preferably dangling down like half circles. Or you can buy them here.

2. I would put gold charger plates underneath everyone’s dinner plates.

3. I love making place cards for all the guests, it makes them feel extra special. I would follow this tutorial to make the stars and then add the extra piece of paper with the guests’ name on top.

4. I would buy candle stick holders from thrift shops or here and spray paint it gold and add mint candlesticks on top. (I couldn’t find anywhere that sold mint candle sticks, but I’m sure you can find them at a dollar store.)

5. Lastly, I would use a beige table cloth to cover the table and really let the food be the star of the night! My secret for table cloths is scouring thrift shops looking for awesome looking fabric. Make sure the fabric covers the whole table surface and droops all the way down to the floor. That way, you don’t even need to sew the edges because I can’t sew to save my life!

What will your Christmas dinner table look like?

When I came across this diy tutorial, I couldn’t get to the thrift shops fast enough to buy  my materials.

1. I found four plates, four candlestick holders and matched them up.

2. I glued them together using epoxy glue.

3. I was initially going to spray paint it ecru, but then I saw this Rust-Oleum tiffany blue spray paint. I died and chucked it straight into my basket. I sprayed two coats of it and it dried the next day.

*note: you should never put food directly on it, the spray paint is not food safe. Always put a paper dollie on first.

Now my only problem is that I don’t have any cute cakes to display on the cake stands! So for now, I’ll put them around my room until I find the will to bake. Ooh, and to end this off, I must tell you this hilarious story.

I got tickets to be in the audience at the Marilyn Dennis show for this morning. So before leaving the house, I told my Chinese mother, who barely speaks English that I was going to be on the MARRRRILYNNNN DENNNNISSSSSS show. I even told her to look for the show that started with M at 10. After the show, I called her and asked if she saw me on TV. She goes, “I got so confused about what I was looking for. Was the host a woman or a man? Were you on the show where the two African Americans were fighting about their child?”

My mother was watching Maury Povich, LOL.

My mother is too cute.