aww yeah: snowboarding season

I haven’t hit the slopes for a good three years now. I think I always dread the part about packing up all the winter gear, driving up to blue mountain, getting the clothes and boots on and then going up the ski lift. I just need to remember how it’s all worth it once I’m finally there, on top of the mountain with a beaver tail in my hot little hands…until I fall on my ass/face halfway down the mountain. But I think I wouldn’t dread the getting ready part and falling on my face and bruising my ego part so much if I had cuter gear. =)

Do you snowboard/ski? What’s your favourite part?

hat / jacket / goggles / snow pants / snowboard / gloves

  1. Ru said:

    This makes me miss snow…and beavertails…and poutine.

  2. i bet you dont miss brown slush though!

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