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There’s something about Vogue that is timeless and elegant and it’s still my all time favourite fashion magazine. They published a book Vogue: The Covers looking back chronologically at all the covers that have graced the newsstands. I would love to get my hands on one of the illustrated cover magazines. It’s too bad fashion magazines don’t do illustrated covers anymore. Well, I lied, Harper’s Bazaar did one of Lily Allen last year. Now I regret not buying it.

vogue covers / harper’s bazaar


Friendship, the ship that never sinks. I’m such a cheeseball.

For Christmas, I made my besties friendship bracelets! I loved watching them fight over their favourite colour. They were super easy to make, here’s my little tutorial.


suede cords



rings (that can be plied open)



1. Cut three pieces of suede cord about twice the length of your wrist

2. Tie a knot at one end

3. Pry open one of the rings with two pliers

4. Loop the ring into the knot

5. Close up the ring with pliers

6. Tape down the knot onto the table and insert a ring on cord A and cord C

7. You can start braiding now! Bring A over top of B

8. Bring C over top of A

9. Loop a ring into B

10. Loop a ring into C

11. Move the tape down to hold the bracelet in place. Repeat steps 7 to 10 until you’ve braided enough to go around your wrist.

12. Make a knot where you’ve finished braiding and cut the excess off

13. Open up a ring with pliers

14. Loop it into the knot you just made

15. Loop a finding into the ring and close up the ring with pliers.

16. Tadaaa!

Well,  more like a headboard extension I guess. I’ve been obsessed with accordion circles lately and since I got two packs of beautiful paper for Christmas, I folded them all up.

1. You need two pieces of squared paper for each circle. Score each of them at 1″ intervals. Fold each piece of paper like an accordion, fold it in the middle and use white glue to stick it together so it turns out like a fan. (I like using black clips to hold them down while I work on the other pieces.)

2. Once both pieces are folded like a fan, open them up like semi circles and glue them together to form a full circle.

3. I glued a piece of scrap paper at the back so it had a bigger flat surface to stick onto the wall.

4. I love this Uglu stuff, it’s super strong and it doesn’t leave a residue behind. I found it at Showcase.

We didn’t put up a tree this year, actually we haven’t done it for a few years now. Here’s my virtual tree, can you tell I’m obsessed with birds? I hope you all have a super awesome Christmas! I can’t wait to go buy all these baubles on discount after Christmas!

white bird / blue jeweled ornament / sparkly ornament / blue birds ornament / antique silver glass origami ornament / owl / light blue birds ornament / fluffy bird / antique blue glass origami ornament / gold jeweled ornament / pink jeweled ornament

There are only four outfits this week because I have tomorrow and the next week off from week! I’m super excited even though I’m not going to be doing too much. Just catching up on sleep, finishing off diy projects and making decorations for new year’s eve! What are you doing this break?

Here are some links that caught my eye this week.

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