eat it: suhko thai

Suhko Thai‘s Thai food is probably one of the best in Toronto, them and Khao San Road are my favourite. I had only ordered delivery from Suhko Thai during my late nights at the office and their wait might be a little longer but their food is always delicious. I decided to head to the restaurant one night after work with some co workers. The place is quite small but they had a few extra seatings in their basement. We ordered shrimp chips and spring rolls to share. The shrimp chips were quite authentic and had a good kick to them. I ordered the Khao Soi, my go to fave at Suhko Thai which did not disappoint at all and my boss had the Nua Gra Teaum, which was tasty but a little bit on the salty side. My health editor had ordered the Pad thai (not pictured) and she said it was quite tasty. While their food may be amazing, the service we got was awful. Our main meals came quite staggered so that by the time the first person was done eating, the last person was just getting their food! I had to ask to make sure our order wasn’t forgotten because they had forgotten the order of the table next to us and they didn’t even try to apologize! Our bill took forever to come to the point where we decided to go upstairs to pay for it and the whole environment was rushed and hostile. I’d recommend their food but you should probably just get take out.

274 Par­liament St.
Toronto Ontario

  1. corina said:

    when i lived in the cole st condo (just up the street from this place) i would come here all the time! it’s so authentic and awesome. it’s got a really warm comfort food feel to it.. khao soi was josh’s fave and mine the nua gra teaum (the fried egg helps with the salty flavours). miss it so much~!

    • but now you’re in vancouver with so many more thai options! I’m much more jealous of you =P

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