eat it: banh mi boys

I was really excited to go to Banh Mi Boys last week, having heard wonderful things about them and they did not disappoint. I ordered the braised beef cheek bao with pickled vegetables which was delicious. I love that I’m seeing lots of restaurants starting to incorporate baos into their menu. They’re fluffy and warm and remind me of my childhood! I also ordered the kalbi beef taco which had a kick to it. I probably should have just ordered either the bao or the taco but I thought they were going to be quite small seeing as they were so cheap (under $5). But they were actually quite large and filling. I also shared the kimchi fries with my friend. I love my NYC poutine but I think these kimchi fries just took their spot. It had a good kick to it and the texture between the crunchy fries and softer kimchi was perfect! Their house mayo also helped, this is a definite must try. It’s too bad they don’t do delivery, or I would definitely get it for late nights at work!

Banh Mi Boys
392 Queen St West (Spadina and Queen)


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