Monthly Archives: June 2012

Nothing feels better than the classic crisp white shirt with black dress shorts. I paired it with a couple pieces of fluorescent pink accessories to keep it fun. I actually had brogues on today but after getting let go early today, I decided to saunter over to Holt Renfrew to check out  the sale. And how do you say no to two little beady mice eyes staring up at you with a sale tag on them. I tried to run out of the store before I set my eyes on something else but lo and behold this ettika bracelet had a steep sale tag on it. I’m not sure what happened to the plan of not buying anything for three months after coming back from Europe. Guess that plan’s out the window!

dress shirt: dkny / shorts: jacob / shoes: marc by marc jacobs / bag: ysl / necklace: primark / watch: michael kors / bracelets: diy, ettika, juicy couture, merci, paris market, hk market, london market, primark / rings: primark, marc by marc jacobs, durumi, house of harlow


Starting a new kind of Friday post showcasing the fashionable peeps at my office! This week was all about  shoe. Summer’s here and we keep it classy with brogues and flats that come out to play. Also, I love flirty dresses that are office appropriate but breezy in this hot hot weather! And I can’t get enough of beige, it’s such great wardrobe staple that will work with any colour in your closet.

I thought collars were everywhere in North America, but it has nothing on London. They were EVERYWHERE. Every single shirt at Primark had a collar on it and every market had multiple stalls selling them. I obviously had to pick up a bad ass one and I think it matches perfectly well with my Primark skull scarf. This week feels like it’s been going on forever! I need a stiff drink right about now and I’m going to do just that.

dress: at winners / collar: at bricklane market / scarf: sprimark / bag: marc by marc jacobs / shoe: bcbg max azria / watch: michael kors / bracelets: london market, paris market, diy, hk market, juicy couture, merci, rings: durumi, marc by marc jacobs, house of harlow

You can’t go wrong matching a trend with a trend. I use to give my friend grieve for wearing neon colours and now looks what I’m embracing. Lesson learned, never say you’ll never try something at least once. What I am embracing fully with open arms is the peplum trend, it splays out exactly at the area I’d love to hide. I’ll take that extra double chocolate chip cookie, thank you very much.

top: primark / skirt: wilfred / shoes: nine west / necklace: primark / bag: ysl / watch: michael kors / bracelet: diy , hk market, london market, paris market, juicy couture / rings: durumi, house of harlow, marc by marc jacobs

I was hyperventilating after seeing Isabel Marant‘s wedge sneakers and I only save those emotions for heels that I absolutely can’t live without. The price tag of her sneakers were too high though and so I was coveting a pair of Ash. I found them at Browns in Montreal but I didn’t buy them thinking I could just pick up a pair in Toronto. And of course, they were nowhere to be found in Toronto! Those Montrealers, always getting the better styles and stores, like Simons! But luck was on my side and while I was walking towards the Eiffel tower on my first day in Paris, I saw these for only 150 euros! I picked them up and bought myself a little “welcome to Paris” gift.

sweater: from camden market / tank: unknown / skirt: simons / kicks: ash / bag: marc by marc jacobs / watch: michael kors / bracelets: diy, hk market, london market, paris market, primark, juicy couture / rings: marc by marc jacobs, durumi, house of harlow

This weekend I put together a balloon photobooth for my friend’s barbecue! It was super simple, just some white bristol board to cover up the window panes (omit if you just have a plain white wall), blow up some balloons and stick them to the wall! We also dug up some old props from a Hawaiian party to add to the fun!