paris: the day we lost totoro

The fourth day was a sad day in Paris, the day a gypsy stole my phone along with totoro right out of blazer pocket and left after the metro closed the doors. Let this be a lesson to you all when traveling in Europe!
But I have digressed, back to documenting my amazing Europe trip now that I got pictures off my friend’s camera! We started the morning heading to Sacre de coeur where I prepared a picnic for us while we sat at the top over looking all of Paris.
We headed over to Moulin Rouge for a photo op and on the way there, I have never seen so many sex shops and theatres before on one street! I was blushing fifty shades of red! We stopped by BHV after to do a bit of shopping, more like window shopping because everything in Paris is so pricey!
We decided to get a little cultured by heading over to Centre Pompidou to check out some modern art. The building itself is very industrial and in front of it is a giant piece of concrete land. There are no chairs or benches but people just sat there on the concrete, very interesting indeed. We ended up being so tired that we bench hopped inside the gallery while I made up stories about the art.
We decided to end the bittersweet day by having the first meal we had on the first day we got to Paris, the one where I devoured too quickly to even take a picture! We shared a charcuterie plate, cheese, escargots and lots and lots of Parisian bread. YUM.

I’m still missing the beautiful Paris with its delicious pattiseries and rich, succulent food. Until next time, Paris, adieu!

Links to my Paris travel: day one, day two, day three, day four

    • thanks! im surprised they turned out the way they did because i was just using a little point and shoot!

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