london: markets & attractions

We started off Saturday morning at the Borough market. I was so excited to get to the food market in London to try everything! For breakfast we had freshly squeezed watermelon juice and a big bowl of Carribean curry. Delish! Without taking a break, we had an award winning meat pie, the pastry crust was so so so flaky! We wandered around the market having an oyster here, a chunk of cheese there, some smoked meat everywhere!
We walked along the Thames river after to get some photo ops with the Big Ben and the Eye.
Along the Thames river there were free shows, buskers, a skateboard park and this, a huge sandbox, filled with rainbow coloured sand! It took all my self control to not dive right in!

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  1. faz said:

    Wow where is this park with the rainbow sand! I want to visit it – it looks awesome!!

    • It’s on the pier where thames river is near the Tate modern in London!

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