eat it: moroco chocolat

Let me start off by saying that when I went to Moroco Chocolat in Yorkville a couple of years ago, I had a wonderful experience in both the service and the food.

My friend and I had long wanted to try their afternoon tea so we finally made a reservation for it stating specifically we wanted the afternoon tea since they had to be preordered. I was seated first and while I was waiting for my friend, the server offered to start me off with water. She asked, “still or sparkling,” I unknowingly and not thinking, said still thinking it was tap water and was later charged $5 for water that came out of an Ikea reusable bottle. The last time I checked, this was not Europe. I think it was the sneakiness of not offering me a third option that didn’t sit well with me.

Never the less, back to the meal. When my friend arrived, we told the waitress we would like the afternoon tea. She went to check our reservation, came back and said we hadn’t specified that when we called in. There was polite banter back and forth, us saying we did, her saying we didn’t and that they can’t accommodate walk ins. Even if in fact it was our fault, I don’t think the server should be blaming us and telling us we made the mistake and instead blame it on the computer system. Blaming technology always sets people more at ease than verbally accusing the person.

Nevertheless, we were seated and so we decided to try their summerlicious menu instead even though we were both craving for some mini sandwiches and scones. I found the menu to be a little weird, there were two salads and a soup for appetizer, but the crepe in the main course also had a salad. So really, you could end up with two salads over the course of your meal. I opted for the squash soup of the day which tasted very bland. Thankfully the chicken mushroom crepe was very delicious. And the red velvet crepe, an interesting concept was also quite good. My friend who is allergic to mushrooms, asked to substitute the chicken mushroom crepe with the ham and cheese crepe found on their brunch menu. The server was hesitant at first saying that the kitchen was very busy with summerlicious and that they might not be able to accommodate this substitution. I was so puzzled because if I had ordered the ham and cheese crepe instead of summerlicious, wouldn’t you have to make it for me anyways? She went to inquire and because of all our troubles, the kitchen was going to make the ham and cheese crepe. My friend got the Pretty in Pink for dessert instead which all looked wonderful but was overall too sweet. The macaron was also very disappointing, too chewy and not flaky enough, but it might have just been that one…

Thankfully the server acknowledged all the problems that we encountered during the meal and gave us 20% off. Would I come back again to finally try their afternoon tea? We will have to see…

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  1. JT said:

    The crepes look really good!

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