wear it: blue’s clues

This outfit was inspired by this article written by A Cup of Jo, my all time favourite blog. I saw these Kate & Mel shoes on my way home last Friday and just knew they were calling out to me. Too bad I overestimated my skills in walking in heels and couldn’t take them off fast enough at work to change back into flats! I’ll save them for the many weddings I’m going to this summer.

On another note, I just came back from the ER from slicing my finger while cutting with an xacto knife! I didn’t cut myself once during the four years at OCAD and I was so proud of it. Oh well, a designer’s gotta pay their dues I guess. Sitting in the ER, I realized that there are so many times I lament wishing I had this, I could go there, I could achieve that when really I should just be thankful that my family and I have good health.

tank top: wilfred / lace top: from simon’s / skirt: from NY / shoes: kate & mel from Town shoes / bag: marc by marc jacobs / watch: michael kors / bracelets: hk market, diy , merci, ettika, from the one of a kind show / rings: durumi, house of harlow, primark, marc by marc jacobs

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