wear it: I’m a Sweetheart

I love my sweetheart dress, and this one is perfect for the office. A tad sexy but still covering everything that needs to be covered.

It’s one of my bff’s birthday celebration this weekend, we’ll be heading down for some good old karaoke. I’ll be busting out songs from the Spice Girls, Backstreet Boys and I might even throw in a Katy Perry song because we all had The One That Got Away.

Have a good one, my dears.

I’m totally breaking out the glitter this weekend
the secret to eye cream, who knew?!
Erin Jang, my design crush has a new collection out. I want to plan a party just to order these.
this is my holiday nail colour
Sweet Paul’s holiday issue came out, it’s such a sweet magazine.
if you know me, you know these iPhone cases are totally me
Being Chinese doesn’t give me the genetic disposition to be a haggler, here’s a beginner’s guide

  1. dopechic said:

    Love the dress!!! How did u make the picture to switch like that its so cool?

    • Thanks! It’s my favorite dress 🙂 I took four pics of myself, cropped it out in photoshop, made an animation and saved it as a gif

      • dopechic said:

        Oh…ok do you need an app or software to make an animation? Sorry if this is a stupid question 😉

      • dopechic said:

        Thank u so much!! 😉

  2. dopechic said:

    Oh and I love the clutch tooo!!!

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