wear it: I’m a Free Bitch

im-a-free-bitchI’ve mostly bought something from every designer collection with H&M. I still remember lining up at 3am in the morning for Lanvin, almost getting mobbed at the Comme de Garcons and stalking a woman for a size 6 in a Jimmy Choo shoe. Every collection always tug at my heart string and the Maison de Margiela for H&M is no different. I almost didn’t get this jacket until I saw my stylist wear it on set. To pair my bad ass leather jacket, I wore my Lady Gaga concert tee stating I’m a Free Bitch. I can’t wait for spring to come so I can live in this jacket.

Have a good weekend m’dears.
street art done right
I can’t wait to watch this documentary
can’t stop listening to this song
My name is Joanna, and I’m addicted to instagram
WHAT?! Forget spring clean up, it starts now!
my kind of christmas tree

jacket: Maison de Margiela for H&M / t shirt: from the Lady Gaga concert / pants: juicy couture / boots: frye / bag: ysl / rings: durumi, house of harlow, marc by marc jacobs, gifted

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