diy it: Cactus Garden

Processed with VSCOcam with m5 presetIf you’re like me and you kill every living thing you plant but you still want to test out your green thumb, a cactus garden is what should be on your next DIY list. Cactus hardly need to be watered (just once or twice a month!), perfect for someone as forgetful as me! Choose a fun vase or even a bowl meant for food, I found mine at Homesense. I found my dinosaur figurines at Dollarama (oh, the hours I could spend in that place) and knew they would instantly make my cactus garden more fun!

1. Materials: planter, cactus soil, cacti (choose colourful ones!), fun figurines
2. Pour the soil into the planter
3. Dig a hole in the soil and plop the cactis in (careful of being pricked!)
4. Place the figurines in (I contemplated painting the dinosaurs gold, as I do with all figurines, but I thought their colours complimented the cactis in this case).


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