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mays glowTwo years ago, we redesigned Glow and launched the May 2012 issue. It’s crazy how time flies. May’s issue will hit news stand soon, go get yours at Shoppers Drug Mart! This issue we shot at Madonna’s gym, Hard Candy with Peter Tamlin, got messy on set spilling Vietnamese coffee with Andrew Grinton and bought the most beautiful flowers and Algae for our BIotherm shoot with Natasha V.


april glowApril’s Glow is out and Shu Pei is on the cover! How refreshing is it to see an Asian model on a cover. This issue I worked with the very talented Rodney Smith again to create flowers out of makeup for our story on blushes. Peter Tamlin shot our fitness shoot and at the risk of sounding like I’m bragging, I do think we shoot the prettiest workout shots.

november glow 2013November’s Glow is out on news stands! Head over to Shoppers Drug Mart to pick up your copy.

I got to work with the very talented Natasha V and Rodney again, a dream team for our spotlight page. The Lancome eyeliner page is probably my favourite product page so far.

Pill bottles and boxes are never very pretty to photograph so I’d much prefer illustrating the products. Janice Wu illustrated them beautifully for our health pages. She has this way of bringing mundane objects to life.

glow octoberSeptember is flying by! October’s Glow is out on newsstands and we got to work with some great illustratos this issue. Maren Esdar did a fun illustration collage for our fragrance story on why do we buy celebrity perfumes? Ekaterina Koroleva did a beautiful illustration for our anti aging story about how algae is beneficial to our skin. And also in this issue (not shown above) is a story about all about how women are unabashedly reading erotic novels on their Kobo, scandalous!

september glowSeptember’s Glow is out! You can get yours on the news stand of Shoppers Drug Mart. I got to work with two talented illustrators, Lucia Emanuela Curzi and Catherine Parr for Meet the Artists and One Pot Wonder. I love working with illustrators, every time I receive a rough drawing from them, it’s always such a pleasant surprise to see how they interpreted brief. The style view section also got a makeover! It’s much more informative now and follows a formula that will be familiar to the reader.