Monthly Archives: March 2012

This has been a short and exciting week! I booked my tickets and hotel and apartment for London and Paris in June. I can’t wait to go back and indulge in French pastries and visit Spitalfield market and Camden market!


I went to Smith on Church street for Mel’s birthday dinner. The decor was impeccable, I just wanted to take all the plates and knives home! We shared a bone marrow with foie gras (two of my favourite foods!) a charcuterie plate with duck proscuitto and cow tongue and I had the slow roast pork belly on a bed of polenta and . It was delicious, fatty and tasted like Chinese roasted pork. Their branding and menu was well designed which is also a plus in my books.

553 Church Street
Toronto, ON M4Y 2E2
416 926 2501

Labels printed and stapled to zip lock bags are my favourite! They’re so easy to do and the results always look amazing. I made a bunch of snack baggies for my friends birthdays and had them customized with their names and favourite treats. And here’s a treat for you, you can download the pdf below, cut them to the size of your bag, fold it and staple them onto the top.

And speaking of DIY, check out Tania’s blog, O Pretty Baby, my fellow co worker and Glow’s beauty editor extraordinaire. She threw the cutest first birthday party for her little girl and I helped her put together some labels!

The weather has been so deceptive lately, one week I’m wearing dresses with no tights and today I’m layering on my light winter jacket. But flip flopping weather can only mean that the warmer weather is coming! And I’m already planning out things to do this summer. First on the list, is just to tan on the beach, something I didn’t get to do much last year.
1. I’ll wear a polka dot bikini with a hint of retro
2. Pitter patter around near the water with  jelly sandals
3. Pack lots of icy drinks in a cooler
4. And lie down on a towel to roast
5. Can’t forget susncreen, the spray kind is my favourite

This week’s weather was so beautiful, I was even able to bare my legs in March! That’s unheard of in Canada! And now the weekend has started off to sucky weather, but not to worry because I am addicted to the Hunger Games and will probably hole up all weekend to finish them. Have a fantastic one!