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What started out as a simple question from my co worker as to where she should find a dress for a wedding has turned into a full blown online shopping spree for me tonight. Her budget was around $100 so I stuck to mall stores and I paired it with shoes she has already. I didn’t want to find a super fancy dress but something she could wear again to another event or even dress it down for the office. My accessory secret is aldo accessories, beautiful designs that don’t break the bank. I love looking for dresses and I can’t wait till I find my birthday dress =)

On another fashion note, the article on the star today about Top Shop is getting me so excited for October. I was dying in the office, absolutely dying!

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I made another thank you card for a co worker leaving last week but ended up getting a contract on another team. I’m in love with the Martha Stewart border puncher, I need to start saving up more of those 40% off coupons. Maybe a possible etsy shop can happen from this?

I spied this over at the style files. How great are these paris printouts! An idea for these is already stewing in my head. These are all the places Dee and I visited when we were in Paris. It even has a bakery that looked like the one across from our hotel where we bought breakfast from everyday! Thinking of French pastries is already making me drool.

On another note, one of Canada’s greatest leaders passed away today. Jack Layton stole my heart when I watched him speak in the debate earlier this year. He spoke with such intense passion and wit. His love for Canada was infectious and he will be sorely missed. As someone on twitter put it, he was one of the greatest prime minister Canada never had. His last open letter to Canada can be seen here, I highly recommend reading it.

Today I had a realization, not a new one, just one that I wasn’t conscious about. The thought has probably been mulled around subconsciously. I bumped into someone this morning, someone who use to play an integral part in my life. Our ways parted somewhere along the way and after a simple five minute conversation, I breathed a sigh of relief that they were no longer in my life. Yet it was merely only a couple of years ago that my life revolved completely around them, feeding off their energy and conducting myself according to them. How many times had my friends and family told me that they were poisonous, slowly sucking away at my soul. I was blinded and morphed into a zombie in an insane cult. I had blinders on and could not see anything that my friends saw. Toxic, the best word I can think of to describe them. They only acted kindly if they could benefit from it. Their selfish actions masked by an air of innocence. I am glad to say that the veil has finally lifted and I can see them clearly for who they are.

If I were able to time travel and go back in time, to that miserable time and stare at myself, I would be horrified. How could I have let myself become this person? I think most of all, I am terrified of the blindness. Any advice or pleads fell on my deaf ears. How could I have been so blind? Scarier yet is how do I make sure I am never blind again.

image/photographer via JR

Rina and I went to the Aberfoyle antique market for the first time. I had the best time treasure hunting, it’s really too bad I’m horrible at haggling. We found lots of taxidermy, old baby carriages and Nazi memorabilia… I picked up quite a few things, including this treasure chest that needs some tlc.